Week #4: Hinkley vs. Arapahoe Preview

Scott Ayers

It is week four in the high school football season, as the Arapahoe Warriors take on the Hinkley Thunderbirds. These are two teams with completely different starts to the season. The Thunderbirds have started the season with a 3-1 record, and are coming off a 24-10 victory vs division opponent Gateway High School. Meanwhile, the Warriors have slipped to an 0-3 record after a tough homecoming night loss to #5 Grandview Wolves. Although Arapahoe lost by a score of 27-49, there were still a lot of perks to take away from that game. For instance, Arapahoe had a strong first half and only trailed by one late in the first half.

One thing the Warriors will have to do moving forward in the season is to close out games. In both the Legend and Doherty games, Arapahoe led at the half, and in the Legend game the Warriors had a 13 point lead with five minutes left. The Warriors sometimes get ahead of themselves and need to play until the final whistle is blown.

Coach Mike Campbell knows this Hinkley game is a huge one, given the fact that a win would create a lot of confidence going into next week against rival Heritage. That is why my prediction for the game will be 31-13 Arapahoe on top of Hinkley.