Best BBQ?


Good BBQ is worth 

By Owen Sherrod & Ethan Basky



Ethan & Owen both ordered the student discount meal. The meal consists of a pulled pork sandwich served with their homemade mild and spicy BBQ sauces. It comes with a side of either Mac & cheese, coleslaw, smoked beans, potato salad, smoked collard greens, or fries, and a drink, coming in at only $9. The Items we ordered were the Pulled pork Sandwich which we rated as a 7.8, and for sides Owen ordered the mac and cheese rated at a 6.7, and Ethan ordered the fries Rated at a 7.4. They also tried the burnt ends coming in at a high 8.0.


Taste & Texture

Mac & Cheese: The Mac & Cheese delivered a spicy yet savory smoked flavor. However some noodles weren’t completely covered in cheese sauce. The side was still delicious.


Pulled pork: “Rubbed in our homemade seasoning, slow-smoked for eight hours, then pulled by hand delivering flavor and tenderness,” is what the menu says about the pulled pork sandwich at rolling smoke. But does it live up to the Hype? YES IT DOES! Although the meat was a little tough it melted in your mouth. The bun was freshly toasted and buttered, still warm from the oven. If the sandwich wasn’t already delicious the homemade BBQ sauce made it even better. The Flavor was “immaculate,” said Cole Purdom, 

grade 9.

French Fries: The Fries were delicious, they were very well seasoned with their house made seasoning. They paired very well with the pulled pork sandwich they were served with. Some fries almost had too much seasoning which is quite the opposite of the Mac & Cheese.


Final course

Overall, Rolling smoke would be a great lunch for everyone, especially students at Arapahoe High School. The great food and the great service was more than enough to make us comeback and we know it would be for you too. So when you eventually get sick of that same old Chipotle burrito or shawarma wrap, maybe you should head down to Rolling smoke for some authentic BBQ.