Arapahoe players begin new season with Heritage hockey

Sam Sokolowski, Reporter

Though many people don’t know it, Arapahoe has a hockey team. Or more accurately, Arapahoe hockey players have a team. They just have to play for Heritage.

In 2008 Littleton Public Schools combined three schools (Arapahoe, Littleton and Heritage) to make a single team, and since Heritage provided the funding and support, all players now wear red and grey. 

This year, CHSAA tryouts began in mid-November and games begin in early December.  The CHSAA season (or “school season”) has a higher competition and skill level and it is the season you want to win and succeed in.

Heritage has a relatively young team with a mix of talented sophomores and  juniors, plus 5 veteran seniors on the varsity team. There are even a couple of freshmen who swing between varsity and JV. The JV team has an even mix of sophomores and freshmen.  

The varsity team has a promising school season ahead of them with new players joining after the summer and fall club seasons ended. The junior varsity could have a good school season after a solid CPHL season and record.  

The varsity had a disappointing end to the Colorado Prep Hockey League (CPHL) season with a close loss against Battle Mountain on Monday, Nov. 1. They played a very close game, holding them 0-1 until the third period, when Battle Mountain was able to score 3 goals to knock Heritage out of the playoffs.

However, the varsity team has an upcoming tournament from Nov. 19-22. This tournament will be a good way to see how the new varsity team responds to the competition and how the new team works with one another.

Heritage has a tough schedule — playing Chaparral, Cherry Creek, and Mountain Vista. However they have a chance to compete and prove themselves.