The members of the Tom Toms are dancers and competitive athletes


Laven Ahn, Reporter

The Arapahoe Tom Toms is a spirit team. We perform on the sidelines and at halftime at football, volleyball and basketball games, which is probably where most people see us.

 But, what we work so hard for is to compete —  as dancers and as elite athletes! I have been dancing for nearly 8 years, and most of the Toms have as well.

We have done well on many of our competitions and have more coming, including state.

Practices are every day after school, plus we have extra classes we have to take. There is a junior varsity and a varsity team. The JV team is composed of seven people, which I am a part of. 

Most of the time people think that Toms “isn’t a sport,” but it is. The definition of a sport is: “An activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment,” which is exactly what Toms is.

Our sport may seem easy, but our job is to make it look easy to others. We put in lots of time and effort just like other sports. When you have to sit out it affects the whole team and their performance. Most sports are okay if someone sits out because you have over players that can fill in.

Some might say that Toms is more strict. You can be benched or marked down at a competition for the smallest things. And you have to remember you’re a spirit squad, so even if you mess up on a routine or at a competition, you have to stay positive and keep going. There’s no time for feeling bad for yourself. Every angle, move, and piece of clothing has to match your team and be perfect.

In most sports, teams have a second chance to make up for their mistake. For toms, you have up to two minutes on the floor to give it your all, you don’t have a second chance. 

Toms is a huge commitment. Your team is like your family — they support you and cheer you on. You care for each other. But if you want to be a part of it, you have to give it your all.