Transition Into Winter Sports

Transition Into Winter Sports

Winter sports have started and many athletes have to transition from their fall sports. Being soccer, football, golf etc. Going into  winter sports being basketball, wrestling, swimming and diving etc. 

Some Athletes that are transitioning from fall sports to winter are AJ Adams (freshman), Ethan Basky (freshman), Eil Andreson (sophomore), Wyatt Berry (freshman) and Callahan Davis (sophomore) . They are all Football players that are also playing winter sports.

AJ, Eli and Callahan are transitioning to basketball. They agree that there has been no break for them. When Eli says “ There was not a single day of rest.” and when AJ says “The tryouts were literally in the middle of football practice.” But there are also positives that come with that. “But it’s not that bad because I am already in shape from football.” said AJ and “It has been my best start to a season endurance wise” stated Callahan when both asked about how the quick transition impacts them. And when Eli said “ I think it’s good for our team because we are all ready to go and we can get straight into it.” when asked how it will impact his team. The coaches have also been playing their role in the transition into basketball. AJ said “the coaches have been very understanding during this whole process.” And Callahan said “ I am very happy to have coaches who understand multi-sport athletes. 

 The next set of athletes are Ethan, Wyatt who are all Football players and are transitioning into wrestling. Ethan states that his transition from football to wrestling was easy for him when he says “The practices for wrestling are right after school which makes the timing easier for school work.” Ethan also says “I had a hard time transitioning into wrestling because I just got done with football then I went right into wrestling season with no break”. Then we talked with Wyatt and he stated “I had an easy transition into wrestling from football because I was in shape from football season” he also stated “It was very tiring though because wrestling and football are both very physical sports.” When asked about how hard the transition was 

Overall at Arapahoe High School transitions into seasonal sports have there pros and cons. But it is a very capable thing that people can do and should do.