A Look Back to The Beatles

A Look Back to The Beatles

Mason DeBaggis, Journalist

The Early Years

Have you ever thought, “I need more variety in my music. All I listen to is the same few songs.” Or have you ever asked your friends for music recommendations, but they can’t be bothered to give you any recommendations. Well, I have the perfect recommendation for you.

The Beatles!

Now I know what you are thinking, “ The Beatles are an old band. Why would I listen to music my grandma would listen to.” To that I say music doesn’t expire. People of all generations can listen to music. Now back to the recommendation, I recommend them because they have so many different styles of music. They have a song for anyone and everyone. I know that just taking a small recommendation won’t get you to listen to them, but if I tell you some history and give recommendations on their albums. Maybe you will give them a chance.

With the Beatles first album “please please me” it skyrocketed their popularity. They no longer were just playing music for the people of liverpool. They were playing music for people all over the world. By that I mean Eroupe and North America.

 In the same year of “Please Please Me.” They released “With The Beatles” ; this album sparked what was called Beatlemania. The Beatles were now household names, everyone knew them, and everyone wanted to listen and go to their shows. This album took much longer to record than the other one. “Please Please Me” took 13 hours to record, “With The Beatles” took 3 months. Mostly because they wrote their own music and they had shows almost every other day.

 The next year they released “A Hard Day’s Night.” By now nearly all the songs you would hear in America were by the Beatles. more than half of the counties top 10 singles were Beatles songs. This album continued the tradition of the Beatles writing their own music. with this album a movie came titled “A Hard Day’s Night” I would recommend watching it. 

At the end of 1964 the Beatles were exhausted, having a world tour and multiple concerts. They were starting to feel the pressure of being world stars. All the things they would say would be written and if they say anything bad their careers could be over the album is really the first time you hear the Beatles being themselves. 


“Please Please Me”: 1963

If you are looking for the classic late 1950’s sort of feel then this is the album for you. With amazing songs such as “Please Please Me”and “Twist And Shout” this album will really make you miss the old days. Songs I would recommend from this album are “Please Please Me”  “Twist And Shout” “A Taste Of Honey” and “Anna ( go to him)” . This album is perfect for anyone who wants music from the old days.


“With The Beatles”: 1963

This album is the start of when the Beatles started to become themselves. No longer using music from their producers. They sing their written pieces. From the album, I  would recommend. “It Won’t Be Long.” “All I’ve Got to Do.” “All My Loving.” “Please Mister Postman.” “You Really Got a Hold On Me.” and many many more. This album is perfect for any person. You have your slow songs, your fast songs, your happy songs, and your sad songs. Almost anyone can find room for one of these songs in their playlist.


“A Hard Day’s Night”:1964

This album is the start of when the Beatles got their own style. Continuing the trend of them writing and singing their own music. This album is beloved by anyone who would listen to it. Songs I would recommend from it would be “A Hard Day’s Night.” “I Should Have Known Better.” “If I Fell.” “ And I Love Her.” “Can’t Buy Me Love.” 


“Beatles For Sale”: 1964

The songs in this album started to show how the Beatles were feeling. They started to feel the pressure of being stars, and the music reflected that. Songs I would recommend from this album are “No Reply.” “I’m A Loser.” “I’ll Follow the Sun.” “Mr. Moonlight.” and “Eight Days A Week.” 


There are many more albums from the Beatles. I would love to talk about all of them in one article but it would be best to separate them.