The Significance Of Art And Music

The Significance Of Art And Music

Elle Burton, Reporter

Both art and music could be viewed in so many different ways. Some may see these forms of media as a getaway through creating them, while others may feel as though it is an escape when observing every single detailed and significant part of a piece. Personally, the reason I admire art is because of the different ways it can be seen as. Because every individual has a different way of viewing art, it makes the experience more personal. 

I can relate to certain pieces of artwork, some being drawings of mental illnesses, containing eyes, faces, sceneries, or even just abstract art, that inspire me to write poems about. With music I would say that people can relate to music just the same but in a way that is deeper. The lyrics have the power to describe how you are feeling, and can show you that you aren’t always alone. The connection between an individual with art or music isn’t only an emotional connection, but it is almost a spiritual feeling between you and the media. 

Those who struggle with mental illness can see art as something that can help them cope with things, and can spread feelings of comfort to know that they aren’t alone. It is a way for the listener to relate to what the artist is expressing through their music. I personally, as well as most of the people I know, have a playlist for nearly every single emotion, that helps to get out of my head when I feel trapped in my emotions. The beautiful thing is that this power is available to everyone, and the variety of music is endless. It is obvious that no individual is the same as another, but the influence that music and art holds is one that can bring millions together. 

So again, music and art can be experienced in so many different ways, and in ways that are unimaginably deep to each person. These forms of media are not only full of meaning, they are beautiful expressions of emotion and creativity that inspire each individual they captivate.