Meet AHS’s 2022 Wish Kid!

Meet AHSs 2022 Wish Kid!

Jack Ballard, Reporter

Wish week is a yearly tradition where Student Council raises money for Make-A-Wish Colorado, and we always raise the money to make one person’s wish come true. This week will be the week before Spring break, and we will have lots of festivities and even an assembly (COVID allowing). This week is always a lot of fun and is something that students remember for many years. This year, our wish kid is…




Ashlee is a first-grader who lives in Littleton.

Her favorite color is pink

Her favorite dessert is chocolate ice cream

Her favorite restaurant is Chick-fil-A

Her favorite movie is Woody Woodpecker


Her wish is to go to Disneyland!


I look forward to celebrating this wish week with the rest of AHS and the rest of the community.