Taku Sushi Food Review


Duncan Evert & Cain Gostenik, Reporters

Cane’s Review


Order: My order was 30 pieces of nigiri, and they were absolutely amazing. They were very big pieces, and they filled me up very quickly. They perfectly prepare the meat, and use a great sushi sauce. 


Location: The location of Taku sushi is great for students. It is right across from the university next to the gas station, it is a close walk, you don’t even have to drive. The place is very spacious, and there is a lot of room to bring all of your friends and family


Service: The service is very good, the people are very friendly and welcoming. They are a big family that owns the business. They get the food out to you very fast, and the presentation is absolutely beautiful. They are amazing chefs.


Price: For my 30 pieces of sushi the price was $41, making this place quite expensive for a quick lunch, but the food is something to die for.


Overall: With the amount of food you get, The amazing taste of the food, and the very quick and reliable service, makes this place an amazing place for students to go eat. But the only downfall is that the place is expensive for your everyday student.


Rating: I rate this place based on their amazing food, and the great location for students. So I rate Taku Sushi a 9/10 just because the food is quite expensive for lunch. But I love it.


Duncan’s Review


Order: I ordered 5 pieces of smoked salmon nigiri. The salmon was very soft and full of flavor. It went very well with the rice, which was very warm. As salmon usually is, it didn’t taste like standard fish, that way the salmon or smoked salmon nigiri is good for people who don’t even like fish.


Location: Taku Sushi is really close to Arapahoe, you can just walk across the street. Great place to go if you don’t have a car.


Service: The employees were friendly, but what comes to mind when I think about the service of Taku Sushi is how fast I got my order. Considering the amount of time it usually takes for sushi to come out of the kitchen in general, this was very fast.


Price: The price for five pieces of smoked salmon nigiri is 15 dollars. For more so of a snack-sized portion, it’s pretty expensive for the average student. But it is to be expected for sushi to be expensive, especially smoked salmon. 


Overall: The price is the main thing dragging it down. Not to say it shouldn’t be expensive. Being in the middle of the country I understand that sushi will be expensive, but there are better options for someone on a budget. The taste was great and the service was also great. It’s also very close to Arapahoe.

Rating: 8/10. Great place to get sushi if you have the money for it.