The Christmas Countdown

Get in the Spirit!

Gia Slocum, Anne Hawley, and Danielle Tyler

During Christmas, we like to get in the holiday spirit.How do we do this you might ask? well,Imagine sitting by the fire with a cup of coco, christmas pajamas, and engaging in a christmas movie. Can’t choose one? Well we can help you with that. How about a movie marathon?

The first Christmas movie you can find yourself watching is “ELF”


This classic movie has humor, life lessons, and of course christmas spirit. Elf is about a baby who snuck into the North pole who was then raised by Santa and the Elf’s.Along the way, Buddy learns things he thought he was better off not knowing and goes on adventures throughout the city of New York.Wonder how he got there? Well I guess you will just have to watch and see. We give this movie a 9/10 for it’s creativity and holiday spirit. 



Next on the list…….. Home Alone



This classic favorite consists of Kevin and his chaotic family.Over the Holidays Kevin and his family want to travel but with five boys, six girls and two stressed out parents, well something is bound to be out of place. Over the holidays we know people are either scrooges or just like Buddy the Elf.Well, in this classic we have TWO scrooges who are looking for treasure. Now you might be asking yourself what happens next, well you better watch and see. We give this movie a 10/10 for it’s classic humor,good acting, and Christmas cheer.


Wow, that last movie was crazy…. Wait till you hear about this one


Now I know the green guy can be intimidating, which he is, don’t get me wrong. Living in a city with who’s in the city of Whoville is hard even for this guy who went from loving to hating Christmas overnight. But will he get back to giving again. This movie is about the guy we have all heard about The Grinch. As you can see from the title he stole Christmas. How would one do that, you might ask? Well you’re just gonna have to watch it to find out. We give this movie a 7.5/10 because it represents the true meaning of christmas and is a movie you will have on repeat.



Last but not least….. Christmas Vacation 




This movie makes you want Christmas all year around. Despite this families challenges during Christmas from crazy lights to family coming in town. They learn and have fun during the holiday season. We give this movie a 8/10 for it’s humor, uniqueness, and inspiration to get into the holiday fun. 



This sounds like a pretty good Christmas movie marathon to me. Enjoy these watch with friends, family, that special someone, or even by yourself. I hope our Christmas movie guide helps you the next time you can’t decide what to watch!