The Taste of the Bakery


   Cornerstone Bakery


Ethan and Cain’s Review:



Ethan and Cain ordered the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, And a side of Mac And Cheese. Cain got a Sweet tea with my order. Ethan got Rootbeer, Ethan also got the mac and cheese sandwich, with the Mac and cheese on the side.



The quality of the food was amazing, and the quickness and quality of  the service was great too. The great Mac and Cheese was amazing with the perfect amount of cheese, and the sweet toasted toast of the Grilled Cheese sandwich. Ethan said that the food was absolutely amazing. He said that he would go there anytime.



The service at Cornerstone was great, getting our food to us very fast, with the best quality. They were greeted and thanked during our visit. They were very nice, and very respectful. They both said that the service was perfect, getting their food to them fast and with great taste.



The price of my order was about $12 for my full order. with it being on the more expensive side for a student. 



Their Rating of the order was probably an 8 out of 10, just because of the price of the food being more expensive than other places. And you also need to have a ride if you want to make it in time for lunch.