Winter Camping-No Crowds, No Bugs, and Winter Views

Winter Camping-No Crowds, No Bugs, and Winter Views

Jack Ballard, Reporter

Even though it is the dead of winter, the great outdoors are still calling. For those who don’t want to ski or snowboard, there are other options. Winter camping is a great way to experience the beauty of Colorado while cutting down on crowds, bugs, and some of the nuisances of camping in the summertime. However, you must have the right equipment and know-how in order to have a safe and enjoyable time in the mountains of Colorado.


What gear do I need?


Although it seems obvious, the most important thing about your winter camping gear is that it keeps you warm. In the summer, if you are underprepared, you may spend some nights and days shivering, but in the wintertime, the consequences are much worse. 




The most important part of a winter clothing system is that it manages moisture. Water conducts away heat 25x faster than air, so being wet is the enemy of being warm. A good winter loathing system has three components:

Wick- This is the layer that touches your skin, and it should be made of wool or polyester. A basic set of long underwear is perfectly OK for this

Warm- This is the most important layer. This should contain several layers, including down jackets, fleeces, and more

Wind-The wind layer should be the outermost layer of clothing and should be made of waterproof/breathable fabric such as Gore-Tex. This can be a raincoat or a ski coat with a shell layer.

A few other things you need are:

Winter sleeping bag

4-Season Tent

Warm sleeping bag

Snow boots


Where can I go?  

There are many beautiful parts of Colorado, but some of the best for camping in the winter are:

-Brainard Lake

This lake in Ward, CO has stunning views and is a fantastic place to camp in the wintertime. However, there is no frontcountry access during the wintertime, so campers must hike to their campsites.

-10th mountain division huts

These huts around Colorado are beautiful places to spend a night, especially for people who struggle to enjoy sleeping in a tent. It is important to note that they are very popular, so they must be booked in advance.

-Great Sand Dunes National Park

This national park offers beautiful hikes, streams, and campsites, all year round. For those hoping to venture on the dunes, it is important to be prepared with plenty of water and food.

-Rocky Mountain Nat’l park

The most well-known national park in Colorado, RMNP is a beautiful destination all year round. Make sure to check road reports before making the drive up, since many of the roads close based on seasonal and snow conditions.