Vrooming Into History

Tanner Golyer, Journalist

Have you ever thought to yourself “This history class is so boring.” Well never fear cause I got an answer for you. It’s called American History Through Cars. And I know what you’re thinking. You see the word history and are immediately disgusted by it but don’t fret, this teacher and his class is not like your normal history class. If you are a car guy or gal this is the class for you.

American History Through Music is a class ran by Mr. Hawthorne in the Social Studies Department. But before I get into this nitty and gritty class, let’s take a look at Mr. Hawthorne. A History teacher for over 17 years he is passionate about his class, topics, and students. He wants to use this class as a way to reinvigorate the love for history amongst students. This class can also apply to other classes like Gov and Econ in the future for students at AHS. And being in this class myself I can say it was worth the class spot for it. The low amount of work with it being fun to do to add on makes it worth the time spent in the class.

  In this class you learn about the past, present and possible future of automobiles while learning how they connect to US history from the Great Depression to The Cold War and beyond. You also get to gush about your personal love for cars. And every class you get to see an old commercial from the time period you are in which I see as a plus since they bring such an insight to the time and place and the people. If you can take this class it is well worth the credits and is not stressful whatsoever.

Until next time, Arapahoe Xtra.