Exploring the Minds of Our Varsity Girl Basketball Players

The minds of these basketball players are more detailed and elaborate than you might’ve expected.


Elle Burton, Reporter

The varsity girls Basketball team has come a long way since the beginning of the season. Through all of the highs and the lows, the girls team of 2022 has made an impact on the success of Arapahoe High School sports.

 Sam Crispe, a highly valued member of the varsity girls team, states “This team is very special. We all have very different personalities but have a really unique connection. We have girls from all over the place and we were able to come together and play a game that’s special to all of us. Our leadership from our seniors and the passion each individual has for the game is the reason we are going to make it far in the playoffs. There’s a reason all of us were put together on a team with such driven coaches and I truly believe this team is going to be something great. I’m thankful everyday for my teammates and my coaches that have made me the player I am, and who have pushed me to my limits on and off the court.” 

As Crispe describes, this team has devoted their time during the seasons to growing together as a team, and establishing a powerful team dynamic. With every players’ different backgrounds, they have taken the time to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to ensure every team member’s abilities are showcased on the court.

 Throughout the season, every member of the team has focused on pushing themselves to become stronger individually, so that they can become an unstoppable team as a whole. However, it is not only the time in the gym that counts. This season has been filled with time spent together as a family, strengthening their relationships with their coaches and fellow teammates. The girls continually encourage each other on and off the court as they take on our rivals and sister schools, like true Arapahoe Warriors.

Practice after practice, and game after game, their dedication and school spirit shines brightly, even if they are leaving the court without a win. 

Now, the hard work has paid off as they’ve earned themselves a chance to get into the playoffs. The effort that has been put into this year’s team has been astonishing, and has excited the crowd every game. All of us warriors at Arapahoe High School are so proud of how far our girls team has come, and are excited for what is to come!