Arapahoe performance of Footloose


Brooke Rosen, Reporter

The musical that our school performed, which was Footloose, was very good and fun. It took something that many have watched and danced out to, and turned it into a musical where the performers could have fun and create something that showed their character off. Keeping the audience entertained with music, dancing, and singing showed off the students’ talent. The musical showed us a story of a boy named Ren who moved to a small town with his mother. He learns of an accident that made the preacher ban dancing, so he and his new lover Ariel, and friends try to show Ariel’s dad that dancing shouldn’t be banned.  The actors did great with showing emotions of their character’s as well as doing tricks in the many numbers. Watching the musical made me feel for the characters and what they had to go through. Thank our Theater program for putting on a show that made the audience enjoy the beauty of theater.