A Look Back to The Beatles: Get Back


Mason DeBaggis, Music Reviewer

Welcome back to the final installment of “A Look Back to The Beatles’ ‘ for this part we will be talking about the Beatle’s get back to show and get back rooftop show and album now first we need to know what to get back was. Get back was a project by the Beatles to document the recording for their new show or album after not playing with each other for a long time the Beatles wanted to do something special before they split they wanted to perform a show considering that they have performed in 3 years but there was a problem none of the people could agree on what to do where to preform or what songs they should do this inturn put a rift between the Beatles they started to drift further apart from each other and soon they would split but before we get into the show let’s talk about the album 


Get Back: The rooftop performance: 2022


This album didn’t come out in the 60’s it came out earlier this year this album came as a result of the new show on Disney+ also known as getting back the songs in this album are songs from the rooftop performance and all I have to say about the song are that they are good, not great but good their s 10 songs and the total length of the album is only 39 minutes the start of most songs is just banter between the people getting ready for the show but after that, you get the full experience of the Beatles the songs that really stand out are “Get Back”, “Don’t Let Me Down”, and “I’ve Got a Feeling” compared to other albums this one is not as good but this album is good just as a stand-alone 


Now that we talked about the album we can talk about the show it has 3 episodes each one focusing on a set amount of days the first episode is on days 1-7 the second is on days 8-16 and the third is on days 17-22 episode one is probably the worst one it just explains what the get back documentary is there are good parts about it there is a part where paul just comes up with a song on the spot and it was amazing to witness just how fast I made a song and the song wasn’t bad it was really good it was also nice to see george contribute to the songs george was really underrated as a beatle he made amazing songs john just seemed out of it same with ringo the second episode was just cool to watch you get to see how everyone interacts and you get to see them argue at one point george just walks out on the band and in episode 3 is the actual show on the rooftop and I can’t describe to you how magical it was just to watch them perform it was amazing 


I want to thank you for reading all of these short little things on the Beatles it was really cool being able to recharge my favorite band I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you next time on the lookback series