JID’s The Forever Story album review


Jackson DeBaggis, Author

The recent release of JID’s  “The Forever Story” is a perfect sequel to “The Never Story” which came out in 2017 with hits such as “Never” and “EdEddnEddy.”

There are a lot of reasons “The Forever Story” could be in contention to be the album of the year. One of these is JID himself, who brings one of rap’s most unique styles thanks to his voice and flow.

JID, whose real name is Destin Choice Route, comes from Atlanta, Georgia. JID is an artist of the hip-hop/rap genre of music. JID signed to the label Dreamville in February of 2017. Some of the notable members of Dreamville are founder J. Cole, Earthgang, and Ari Lennox. JID is also a part of the group Spillage Village which includes members 6lack, and Jordxn Bryant.

He is a master at homophones, especially in the song “Dance Now.”  A homophone is when a word or phrase sounds the same but has a different meaning.  For example, in the song “Dance Now” JID raps “Let me bare it all when I’m telling god you know I’ma rant when I talk to Jah.” Jah is one way that God is titled in the Bible right next to Yahweh. So when JID says “I’m a rant” it is a nod to Ja Morant which connects to when he says he will bare it all, Ja Morant plays for the Grizzlies.

“The Forever Story” makes me feel like there is hope for the hip hop/rap genre. To put it simply it makes you feel good and makes you feel real.

On top of his fast spitting flows, JID brings the listener on a retelling of events of his life while also discussing recent social justice events. The album has a bit of everything for the average rap listener as well as messages about America for all to hear.

I think as a personal choice for my favorite song I would have to say “Raydar.” I say “Raydar” because you start the song slowly for about five seconds and then JID comes out the gate trailblazing with rhymes and impeccable flow.

I feel like in all reality this is a realistic album of the year contender. I say this because like I said before it feels different, or even a new start of an era for rap, like there is hope.