Emo Aussies Caught Some Wanderlust

The Hollow Coves play The Bluebird Theater


Aislin Leto

Sob surf is one way to describe the Hollow Coves. The duo from Brisbane performed live Saturday night at the Bluebird theater in Denver Colorado. Their performance was a spectacle and one that I would see again. They started as a low-key duo from Australia and in recent years have reached a new level of listeners and have been given the opportunity to travel across the world to share their music with others. 

We were introduced to a new band at this concert as well whose beginning was in Victoria Canada, Ocie and Elliott. Their music was very similar to what we were seeing with the Hollow Coves. The crowd favorite song was ‘”Down By The Water”‘. It was the last of their performance yet the most moving and beautiful with the lyrics they used. 

At Saturday’s concert the audience was able to learn a few things about the band that they shared, one of which was their start on sound cloud. Ryan stated “This song changed everything it’s called “‘The Woods.’” 

Through the trials of trying to work your way through the music industry many use soundcloud as a way to reach out to people in your community and spread music. This is exactly what the Hollow Coves did to get their own start in the music industry. The first song that many learned to love was “‘Coastline'” which is still their most popular song to this day with 145,136,762 listens in counting. 

In 2017 they released their first debut EP called “‘Wanderlust'” which is when they finally decided to quit their regular jobs and start their music career. Their music always spoke about travel and the world and how beautiful it was. 

On a closing note similar to their closing with the song that started it all, coastline. The Hollow Coves are able to give us a new perspective on the adventure and love of life that you are able to experience if you are willing to go out and try something new without the fear of failure but instead the promise of beauty and success.