Wild Warrior Women Crash Course


Cameran Williams, Reporter

Wild Warrior Women, commonly known as WWW here at Arapahoe, has been a senior girl tradition for years. Originally, WWW was a select group of girls, somewhat of a secret society, dating all the way back to the early 1970s. The group transformed into an all inclusive tradition in the early 2000s, and has been thriving in the school ever since. 

Nationally, traditions like decorated overalls and senior sunrises have grown in popularity with the growth of social media apps like Instagram and VSCO. Before the school year, girls will get together with friends and teammates to decorate their Dickie’s overalls and social media feeds will be filled with #seniorsunday to highlight senior portraits and bask in the golden hour glory of finally being a senior. 

In recent years, sweat sets have gained popularity in both mainstream fashion and the hallways of Arapahoe. Senior girls will coordinate a group chat to pick and plan their senior sweat set, designed by one of the girls. 

The WWW can be seen rocking these from day to day to football games and are most infamously seen at the annual Senior Sunrise, held at Red Rocks to kick off the year. 

Mrs. Kuhlman,who was a Wild Warrior Women herself in the early 2000’s during the transitional stages from exclusive to inclusive(from secret society-esq to more inclusive) offers her advice to the senior girls, 

“You never have to dumb yourself down to fit into some kind of Intagram photo. I hope that girls know that their mind is more powerful than you know…. That’s something to remember as you get older, that your mind is what is going to carry you forward.” 

She encourages girls to remember the values that  WWW is centered around, and to earn the responsibilities it takes to be a model for underclassmen.