Joji’s “SMITHEREENS” Album Review


Jackson DeBaggis

With the recent release of Joji’s newest album “SMITHEREENS” we get nine songs that are all going to make you feel something. Although nine songs are not a lot in an album each of them holds so much power behind them. “SMITHEREENS” was announced in June when he announced the tour on it which is different than most artists announcing their tour before the actual album.

Before we get too deep into the album review who is Joji? Joji is a Japanese-Australian artist, in fact, the first Asian solo artist to top Hip-Hop and R&B charts. Joji is a part of the “88rising” group which consists of only Asian artists such as “Rich Brian” the group has songs like “Midsummer Madness.”

So why is Joji so different than other artists? Joji started off on Youtube making music going by the stage name “Filthy Frank” but not his traditional music. The music he made then was seen as more “edgy” and joke-like. Also on Youtube, he was making popular videos with other YouTubers like “Maxmofoe” and “Idubbbz” two very edgy and extreme Youtubers at the time. Joji has not posted on Youtube in five years now and has no plans on coming back.

Enough backstory! As said previously this album will make you feel unless of course you just don’t like his music. In the song “Glimpse of Us” he hits you with a very soft piano chorus this sets the tone for this song and just about the whole album.  He sang “‘Cause sometimes I look in her eyes and that’s where I find a glimpse of us”  I think is him trying to paint a story. The story is about a breakup and heartbreak I think what he shows in this line is him trying to move on but he is unable to because the only thing he can think about is his past relationship.

The album itself is split into two sides “Glimpse of Us” being in the first part and in the second side a song called “YUKON (INTERLUDE)”one of four other songs. The first side is about him trying to fix the breakup and the second side songs about him failing at trying to fix his relationship.

“YUKON (INTERLUDE)”  Joji really sticks it to you about failing to fix his relationship. Although a shorter song than most with only four verses. Joji states in the song “And I overflow like mercury” I think this is him realizing he lost and now there is no turning back and his eyes overflowing with tears.

My honest thoughts on this album are it to put it is simply beautiful. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect I think if I were to rate it out of ten I would rate it a seven. A seven may sound absolutely blasphemous but the biggest problem is there just aren’t enough songs this album only has nine songs in it whilst his last album “Nectar”  had eighteen on it.

The album not having enough songs doesn’t even compare to the pros of this album. Like I said before it’s beautiful it takes you on the story he sings about emotionally and makes you feel vulnerable. I think everyone should at least give this album a try even if it isn’t their regular taste in music I think it would truly change some people’s minds about the music they listen to.