Artist Review: Denzel Curry. The Most Underrated Artist?

Artist Review: Denzel Curry. The Most Underrated Artist?

Jackson DeBaggis

Seven albums and is still not truly acknowledged for his worth this being Denzel Curry. In this short and to the put point I’m going to quickly touch on each album Denel Curry has dropped. After speaking my mind on each album briefly I’m gonna give my personal opinion on this artist. Is he truly the most underrated artist or just a “mid” artist?

2015 “32 Zel”:  “”  what a time this album although short perfectly captured that time with one song “Ultimate.”  Bottle flipping was so popular at the time and just about every video with that song. Moving on from that this album other than that just kind of goes crazy Denzel kind of has some unmatched flow with little auto-tune. This album could have been so popular but in my opinion, it was overlooked by numerous other albums like “TPAB” by Kendrick Lamar.

Moving on from 2015 we have his 2016 album “imperial.”  If you wanna talk about underrated this is Denzel takes it to a whole other level with some insane flow and storytelling. With features from Joey Bada$$ and Rick Ross two of the most renowned artists. This album captures the word furious he’s loud with his words but clear at the same talking about where he came from Miami Florida.

Denzel Curry’s most known album is TA13OO. With this album, Denzel in my opinion solidified himself with this album as one of the most talented artists in the game. TA13OO tells a story about Denzel’s moods shifting as we hear throughout the album with the three acts titled “light”, “gray”, and “dark.” As you could’ve guessed the album starts out on a good note and then progressively gets darker we can see this through song titles like “BLACK BALLOONS” in the “light” act and then “THE BLACKEST BALLOON” in the “dark” act. I think it would be hard to argue there is a better album than this for Denzel Curry.

ZUU is my personal favorite album by Denzel Curry takes the furious flow from “imperial” and the storytelling of “TA13OO” and kinda just mashes them together. This album mainly focuses on how he was brought up and what his life was like in Miami. I think I find this to be my personal favorite because of how aggressive it is, it’s just that type of music that makes you want to do something and do it right.

His next album “UNLOCKED” showed another version of Denzel Curry one that was more experimental so to speak. Although it’s a shorter album it’s still something that everyone should listen to. Something that I find remarkable about this album is how it’s all produced giving it that classic boom-bap feeling. Another thing about this album is they released it three different times giving each time a different feeling the first time it defaulted then it was instrumental, for the last and final time he released “UNLOCKED 1.5”  adding the feature to the albums.

Moving into his most recent album “Melt My Eyez See Your Future” which I will refer to as “MMESYF” from now on. Different is an understatement for this album Denzel has never been afraid to share personal things about his life and this album is no different. A perfect example is just about the entirety of the song “Walkin” which brings into light how Denzel Curry sees the world talking about how it’s hard to live in this world with negativity and the trashiness of it. On top of that, he cites how he now needs to talk to a therapist because of how tough this world is on us and how tough we are on each other. “MMESYF”  although a slower-paced album will still give you that feel-good feeling while at the same time maybe opening your eye to what anyone that enjoys hip-hop should listen to.

For my personal final thoughts and opinions. I personally think Denzel Curry is easy without a doubt one of the most underrated artists. I say this because he mixes up all of his albums in a different ways yet they all work and sound great.  But each rapper and artist has their own problems or cons too them Denzel Curry is it is not appealing to the mainstream of rap by that I mean you have to find him you don’t just hear him on the radio. If I could put Denzel Curry on a scale of 1-10 I think I would put him at a 7.5 because he’s really good but at the same time you somewhat have to be in the mood t listen to him to fully enjoy his music. With that everyone should give his music a try I believe everyone can find an album of his they enjoy.