Album Review: Mac Demarco’s “2”


Mason DeBaggis

For most of my life I had only listened to a few bands. I have never been open to listening to new people. Though over the summer I’ve been introduced to a musician that I really enjoy. I was shown him by my brother who has a completely different music taste to me. So I was a little skeptical. He made me listen to Mac Demarco’s 1’st album “2.” As a thank you for showing me it I want to review it.


“2” was made on october 16, 2012 it has 11 songs. From it being from 2012, you would expect it to have that 2012 feel upbeat and full of energy but it doesn’t. The songs in this album are completely different from what you expect. They are slow, fast, experimental, and full of emotion. Each song was handmade with passion and it shows. 


The album starts on the song “Cooking Up Something Good.” This song is one of the stars in the album. The song talks about Demarco’s family and how he sees them. The song starts with a bouncy gitar that instantly catches your attention. Then comes the lyrics, starting with his mom then his dad then his brother and finally him. What makes this song so great is when he talks about his family it’s only good stuff. When he’s talking about himself it’s only bad things like smoking. This song has so much emotion in the instruments and their lyrics. It is definity one of the best on the album but not the best. 


“Cooking Up Something Good” brings you into the album then you get to “Freaking Out The Neighborhood ” and it keeps you. I have never heard an album that keeps you entertained with just the first few songs. What makes “Freaking Out The Neighborhood ” so good is the instruments. Mac Demarco has mastered how to keep you with just his guitars. Not only are the instruments good but the lyrics tell a story.overall the song is a must listen. Like  “Cooking Up Something Good.” it’s one of the best but not the best. The best has to go to.


“Ode to Viceroy ” the absolute best song in the album and possibly of all the albums. I can’t sing the praises of this song enough. It starts with a guitar that just brings you into the song. Then comes the vocals, a mix of calm and intensity. Underneath the vocal and continuous gitar that just compamets the vocals perfectly. Finally the vocals end and the guitar is the only thing present and just makes you feel good. This song is so good I have nothing wrong with it. It’s just the perfect blend of everything. No matter who you are, you need to listen to this song. I guarantee that you will like it no matter what.