$UICIDEBOY$ and Shakewell EP Review

$UICIDEBOY$ and Shakewell EP Review

Jackson DeBaggis

Disclaimer: The $uicideboy$ does not encourage self-harm or drug use in fact during every single concert they do they encourage those to get help if they are suffering from addiction or depression plus thoughts of self-harm.

Although this EP only has a total of six songs it will still suffice as a great set of songs that those who enjoy this type of music will love. The best way to explain this type of music is that it will make you feel bad but also good at the same time and you kind of like it.

So who is the $uicideboy$?  This group consists of two people going by the aliases of Ruby da Cherry and $crim. These two originate from New Orleans and started their rap career in the early 2010s. Their music has evolved immensely as it use to be very poor quality and edgy. Throughout the years it kept up with the same edgy-ness but they upgraded to become the most streamed independent artists. But why the name $uicideboy$? Well in their early day, they made a pact to well die if they weren’t successful by thirty. obviously, they are successful but they also now encourage good mental health and rehab for those struggling after getting themselves sober.

As the title states this is a collab EP with Shakewell. Shakewell is an artist part of the $uicideboy$ record label G*59 which he signed in the year 2020. Shakewell first appeared with the duo in 2017 with a single titled “Venom” he also holds an edgy tone in his music.  Shakewell has released a total of two EPs and one album so far.

As to the actual EP review as stated before it only has a total of six songs and the EP is titled “SHAMELESS $UICIDE.” Starting with the first song “SHAMELESS $UICIDE” it first seems it is just an intro for the first thirty seconds then we actually get the beat and some bars for the EP I would personally say this is probably my least favorite of the EP.

For the next song, we have “Whole Lotta Grey” if this sounds familiar it’s because in my personal opinion it there own spin on a Playboi Carti song as Playboi Carti released his last album in 2020 “Whole Lotta Red.” I feel like this song could be a sort of a sneak diss in the way that $B is constantly dropping and Playboi Carti has refused to drop for three years now or it pays homage to him.

For our third song, we have “Gutter Bravado” which brings us a very weird-sounding beat almost like an alien type of beat but we get some $crim vocals that don’t truly rap than he quickly transitions to his normal type of rap then once again switches to Ruby for some quick and hard bars as that is his regular style.

“Went to Rehab and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt” what a long song title $B is notorious for making extremely long titles for no reason. “Went to Rehab and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt,” I think is another reference to another artist that being Travis Scott from his “Astroworld” tour and the notorious shirt stating “I WENT TO ASTROWORLD AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS F**KIN T SHIRT.” But once again that is just my personal speculation it could be totally wrong.

Moving on to my personal favorite song from the EP “Six Lines, Two Dragons, and a Messiah” gives you the perfect flow from the three cut into perfect segments and gives just an indescribable type of hype.

The Final Song “Big Shot Cream Soda” just gives a perfect ending to the EP keeping that fast and heavy flow with it.

I think all in all I would personally give this album a 6.5 out of 10 because for $B it just wasn’t what I’m used to with the collab of Shakewell not saying he’s bad but it just seems this EP is meant for something they are building up to. I would recommend everyone still listen to this EP and