Jam to a new playlist with lesser known-artists

Alissa Brown and Connor Scott

This story was originally featured in the September Issue of the Arapahoe Herald

Almost everyone loves music, and it is always fun discovering a new artist to enjoy. Music has a powerful strength in altering human emotions. We use it as a form of self expression, and the range of different styles varies greatly. Whatever music you listen to and enjoy could be a reflection of your inner essence and self. We have got a range from Bluegrass to Rap that will introduce you to some good music.

It will be an exciting journey through fresh and eclectic music.  So prepare your earholes, ‘cause this is going to be good.

Chance the Rapper

Image from Rollingstone.com

Chancellor Bennet, or Chance the Rapper, is an American recording artist from Chicago, Illinois. Chance’s biggest album, ‘Acid Rap’, is a kind of soul music; “ghetto gospel” if you will.  The instruments used range from organ to a guitar, and the variety of sounds and tones give the album incredible depth. Chance touches on the dangers of growing up in Chicago in the song “Pusha Man/Paranoia”. In the song, Chance raps, it is easier to find a gun than a parking spot. Despite the value behind the lyrics and the great beats, the album has quite a few drug references, but despite some of the content, Chance is a talented artist who produces some oddly beautiful music.

Random Rab

Taking a mellow, mystical approach on electronic music is Random Rab, based in the West Coast, with a noteworthy and individualized sound. The music opens the listener’s mind to reach a higher state of consciousness, in which he feels relaxed and content. Random Rab’s style is definitely distinctive and directed towards a certain audience who might not enjoy the popular, catchy-pop and rock bands. These tunes put one’s mind in a tranquil state by utilizing slow, peaceful sounds. His newest album, entitled “Visurreal”, was released on Dec. 9, 2011, and may feel long and drawn out due to the lack of different sounds and tones. If you enjoy upbeat and uplifting music then Random Rab may not be your style; but if a slow moving relaxed flow is, consider giving it a listen

Image from randomrab.bandcamp.com
Image from randomrab.bandcamp.com

Leftover Salmon

What is jam grass? No seriously, what is that? According to the internet, it is the redheaded stepchild of Bluegrass and Rock ‘N Roll. Honestly, we would have figured that would be something along the lines of The Avett Brothers. Nonetheless, under the humble genre of jam grass is Leftover Salmon, a band as unique as its name. Their music is an odd hybrid between Blues, Bluegrass and a little soft rock. It is very strange and finding their “grassroot” beginning in Boulder definitely warrants a reason to listen. Their most popular song, ‘Lovin’ In My Baby’s Eyes’, has a lot of banjo. So much banjo it almost hurts; but the twang might be intriguing.

Image from albumoftheyear.com
Image from albumoftheyear.com


Blitzen Trapper

There’s an eclectic, Indie/ Folk band that very few people have heard of but somehow managed to hit the Top 100 in the Rolling Stone’s magazine twice. Blitzen Trapper is a band from Portland, Oregon. They have been featured a handful of times in the Stones’ magazine, and their hit single, ‘Furr’ earned itself a two page feature in the 2008 issue of the magazine. It is not surprising either, because lead singer Eric Earley is a crafty and talented singer/ songwriter. Some of the songs use a synthesizer during banjo solos, which makes for some interesting songs. Their style is reminiscent of The Eagles and Old Crow Medicine Show. A lovely hybrid of Rock and Folk under the name of “Indie Folk.” Some of their music tends to be a little odd; regardless, check them out. They are a neat band that writes unique music.

Image from fanart.tv
Image from fanart.tv