Emma Mehlbrech, Journalist

Kids1stAdvocacy is a business meant to provide support and consultation to parents/guardians who encounter barriers to their child’s free appropriate public education. 


This business is led by the business owner Lisa Mehlbrech. Lisa is a special education, non-attorney advocate. She advocates for parents and their children who have IEPs, 504s, etc.


 As well as help coach them on how to advocate for themselves. She has an understanding of special education law. So she will draft complaints when something isn’t going well between the student and the school. 


What do you do in regard to the school? 

“I make sure schools and districts are complying and providing those services and working on progress towards the child,” said Lisa Mehlbrech working advocate. 


Lisa Mehlbrech works with families nationwide to ensure every kid gets what they need. She ensures the kids have the support and services required to be at the same level as their peers. 


What would you do in your meetings with the children’s parents?

 “In meetings, I ask the mean questions as to why teachers aren’t providing the student’s accommodations,” Mehlbrech said. 


Kids1stAdvocacy is a great way to help children around the world to have the same opportunities and same support as others. This business tries to help kids feel confident and comfortable enough for them to speak up and advocate for what they need.