A New Restaurant in Town


Molly Winslow, Reporter

A sweet yummy crepe, a fresh panini bursting with flavor and an exciting red bull infusion, sure to boost your energy. All three delightful dishes can be found at Zell’s. 

Accompanying student favorites such as Chipotle, Einstein’s, Starbucks, and Shawarma, Zell’s Mountain Creperie, a new addition to the University/Dry Creek strip, has a big reputation to live up to. 

Zell’s is a Colorado based company, and has two locations – the first near Thunderridge High School, and the second near Arapahoe High School. The strategic location is no coincidence, because according to their website, Zell’s strives to: “support local schools, school sports, and activities”. 

Upon entry, the most apparent observation is the friendly staff. They are warm and welcoming, and consistently offer patience and help when needed. 

Following their smiling faces is the cozy atmosphere. Zell’s is slightly more formal than Shawarma and Chipotle, and has a variety of seating options. You can also order online through the website. 

Now we pose the burning question: is it any good? 

With a loaded menu of crepes (which can be made GF), paninis, breakfasts, snacks, refreshers, coffees, red bull infusions, and more, it can be difficult to pick your meal. To guide your tough decision, we tested the most popular options, along with a few others. 

Beginning with food, our favorite was the nutella crepe. We sampled it both with and without fruit (bananas + strawberries), and discovered that fruit is the way to go. We give it a 9/10 – docking one point for price, and it becomes soggy the longer you take to eat it. 

Another tasty crepe we tried was the PB + J crepe. It had raspberry jam and natural-tasting peanut butter. We give it an 8.5/10 – it was flavorful, but nothing extra was added.  

Next, paninis. Our team tried the fig, brie, and ham panini. We loved this one, and gave it an 8.5/10. We docked 1.5 points for price and conflicting flavors/price, but overall really enjoyed the uniqueness of the dish. 

Moving into the beverages, Zell’s prides themselves on their red bull infusions, specialty coffees, lemonade, slushies and teas. They also have a “grab and go” case, with celsius drinks, waters, and more. 

We tasted the riptide red bull infusion, which is predominantly blue raspberry flavored.  We found it unique, giving it an 7.5/10. It was very good, however, extremely sugary. If you have a big sweet tooth, this is the drink for you!

We also enjoyed tea refreshers. Our favorite was the raspberry green tea refresher. It is customizable, and overall a 9/10.

Many of these options are available under student combos, which start at just $6.99. For more information on what those include, pick up a flier inside of Zell’s, or check the website for more detail. 

Overall, Zell’s is a hit. It’s nothing like we’ve ever seen before. It is definitely warrior approved!