Bump, Set, Second Chance

The Littleton Public Schools boys volleyball team is ready to kick off their season – with redemption


Photo by Arianna Evangelista

Kylie Bennett, Editor

In just their second year as a program, the LPS boys volleyball team is already making strides to establish themselves as a serious force in the high school volleyball scene. With a squad made up of the most club players out of any team in the state, a new head coach, and enough interest to fill a varsity, JV, and C team roster, the program shows potential to be a front-runner for the state title. Although only placed twelfth in state polls currently, the team believes they’ll soon prove themselves worthy of a higher ranking. 

“We’re coming up the rankings.” Says Arapahoe senior and second year varsity captain Andrew Copp. “We have two games this week, one against a ranked opponent. So the plan is we’re trying to get a big upset that would go our way towards our rankings.” 

That “ranked opponent” happens to be the number one team, Discovery Canyon, who knocked the LPS team out of the playoffs last year. The game, taking place this Tuesday, March 7th at Heritage High school, is going to be an important intro for the boys season – one they hope will kick off a winning season with redemption.

“They knocked us out last year, so it’s setting the stage for a pretty big game but, you know, we feel like we have all the pieces to make it competitive and potentially win.” says Copp. While certainly a tough opponent, the team is eager to prove that they’ve grown in the past year, and can compete with even the state’s toughest teams. 

As far as what the team is focusing on most this season, besides ranking and redemption, team bonding and creating community sits at the top of their list. In order to work well as a team and build foundation for the future, creating connections is important, which AHS senior captains Matthias Servas and Andrew Copp hope to foster this season. As captains, they’re placing value on making the community feel inclusive and close, which they believe will help their performance as a team. 

“Most of it is teamwork.” Says Copp. “You know, being one team, one family, one group.”