Journey to 25,000

A Monthly Music Overview


Maranda Gordon, Journalist

My name is Maranda Gordon and I’d like you to join me on my journey to listening to 25,000, or more, minutes on Spotify this year. Hopefully through this maybe you find some new music, or start your own music journey.

Because I have started late, unfortunately for me, I have to cover three months in this article. January, February, and March. I’m not sure how I will format this just yet, but most likely I will include my favorite song of the month, different artists or albums I listened to during the month, and anything else that I deem to be important.

To start with January.

I wish I had started this earlier because I don’t really remember the music I listened to in January but I’ll try my best.

The artist I listened to the most during this month was “Will Wood/“Will Wood and the Tapeworms”. A musician who writes his own songs, and with his band, creates albums full of different musical genres. Personally, my favorite musician/band who I listen to often, and would recommend to people who are looking for something new.

My favorite song this month was “I’m Not Laughing Anymore” by “Left at London”. A song that’s half talking, half singing. It tells the story of a man finding his therapist at a bar, but not getting the help he hoped for. It’s a rather sad story, but yet not a sad song. It’s faster and sounds too cheery compared to other sad songs. The vocals in the song are incredible, and it’s a song that I still listen to pretty often.


This month, instead of an artist I listened to the most, I have an album.

The album is called “Hawaii: Part II” by “Miracle Musical”. The album is beautiful. It tells the story of a man who descends into insanity, each song a different part of his story. It isn’t a very long album, but it takes you through many emotions. Some songs you can dance to, while others you could cry to, and each song blends into each other so masterfully.

My favorite song of the month was “Murders” by “Miracle Musical”. It’s a song from the album that tells the story of a man going on a picnic date with his girlfriend, and then when she goes to find something, and doesn’t come back, he goes looking for her and finds she’s been murdered. It’s a relatively fast paced song, with beautiful piano instrumentals, and it goes from fast to slow and solemn towards the end.


Even though the month hasn’t ended, I doubt my music will change within the next week and I am eager to get this article out.

The band I enjoyed the most this month was “I Dont Know How But They Found Me”, or “iDKHOW”, an alt rock duo consisting of a bassist/vocalist, Dallon Weekes, and drummer, Ryan Seaman. Their most popular song, by far, is “Choke”, but their favorite song of mine is “Absinthe”.

My favorite song this month was “Terry’s Taxidermy” by “Teddy Hyde”. A song about a man who attempts to taxidermy himself. Despite being a rather dark song, it is moderately fast paced, and very interesting, to say the least. I’m not sure what drew me to it, but the vocals in the song are incredible, and “Teddy Hyde” is a very talented artist. 

To conclude, I hope I have helped you find something new to listen to. I shall continue this next month.