My AI and Chat GPT


Emma Mehlbrech, Journalist

Chat GPT and AI are facing backlash from both parents and Snapchat users who are bombarding the app with bad reviews in the app store and criticisms on social media over privacy concerns, “creepy” exchanges, and an inability to remove the feature from their chat feed unless they pay for a premium subscription. 

While some may find value in the tool, the mixed reactions hint at the risks companies face in rolling out new generative AI technology to their products, particularly in products like Snapchat, whose users are younger. Is AI going to stay for good?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot that uses natural language processing to create humanlike conversational dialogue. With this device, there will be no use in talking. The AI will do it for you. Chat GPT is changing many things nowadays. But is it for the better? There are many arguments towards this whether or not it’s useful or creepy. How long will AI last? And what will it change? There is word that Chat GPT is changing jobs, making it easier for people. Because Chat GPT is making jobs easier, will there be any jobs left? 

With the rate of how fast Chat GPT is growing. I don’t think there will be any left. If people don’t have any jobs, they don’t have any money. If they don’t have any money, life is going to get hard. Is Chat GPT and AI really beneficial for everything and everyone? Or is it destroying life?