A senior reflects on four years of football fandom

Scott Ayers

I’m a senior at Arapahoe and it’s sad to say that this is going to be the last home football game where I’m able to cheer them on from the fan section. But over these last four years as both a fan and broadcaster, I’m able to take many incredible things away from these four years at football games.

First of all, the crowd atmosphere at games is truly a sight to be seen. Ages from young to old, current and former students in attendance, all to watch their Warriors fight for victory. In my biased opinion, Arapahoe has the best fan section in terms of high schools; not only do students make their presence at the games, but the parents equally match the student section. The community Arapahoe brings in is a strong one, thick as nails, a community that is able to go through thick and thin together. In the student section one of those unforgettable memories is just to be able to enjoy the game with friends, and cheer on your fellow classmates.

The little things at games are what make me so appreciative that I decided to come to Arapahoe four years ago. For instance, before the players come on to the field, just being able to watch the band play the fight song as they march down the track, with the cheers and Toms closely pursuing with their own rhythmic march to the fight song. Just thinking about this gives me goosebumps.

Then, when the players get ready to take the field, they stay together as one, as all Warriors should do, before breaking the banner and taking to the field.The cheers during the game in the crowd, that is what makes these games even more entertaining. Whether it’s starting off with the “I believe” chant led by a senior leader, or trying to follow the hands of the roller coaster chant, these are the things that keep that crowd into the game even during tough times.

Watching the cheerleaders and Toms dancing to some song the band is playing may get a little old, but man do I appreciate it. This appreciation really didn’t hit me until I went to the Arapahoe game against the Gateway Olympians. Gateway, which is now 0-6, thanks to Arapahoe, had no student section and their cheer unit was more dysfunctional than a football team that doesn’t have an offensive line (which Gateway did not have either). Because of this dysfunctionality I was able to gain a much greater appreciation of what the cheerleaders do. Seeing the Toms perform during homecoming football game is always a sight to be seen, because it creates an understanding of the great tradition of Arapahoe.

Finally, as what looks to be the final chapter for the seniors to play a home game under the lights in front of their loyal supporters, all I have to say is Thank You. Through the good times and the bad times, this team has been exciting to watch and has created some unforgettable memories. Whether it’s a Brunhofer touchdown catch, or making it all the way to the quarterfinals my sophomore year it sure has been quite the ride. So sure, there is a basketball season up ahead and some time left in my senior year, but there is nothing like watching football under the lights on a Friday night.