The Day I would have Loved to Live… in 1930


Elijah Bachali, Yearbook Photo Editor

April 18, 1930 was a regular day in the world. People lived, worked. played, and went home to their radios awaiting the news to come across the speakers in their living rooms. When the program began, something strange happened. The familiar voice of the radio host came across the airwaves like any other day, yet that day was different.

“Good evening,” said the radio announcer, “Today is Good Friday. There is no news.” Instead of the news that evening, piano music was played over the radio. According to the news giant, BBC, there were no newsworthy stories that day.

Simply think about those words — nothing noteworthy happened on April 18th, 1930! There were no current events, no stories worth telling, and no leaders to interview. No trials to report, no natural disasters, and no grand discoveries. Wouldn’t you have loved living on that day? I know I would. It sounds like a fantasy story — the day nothing happened worth mentioning.

Now look at today; can anyone explain what is happening in the world right now? Ebola, ISIS, elections, the economic rollercoaster, forest fires, droughts, tsunamis, plane crashes, earthquakes, and leaders who claim to know most everything yet really know little of anything. Sometimes I can’t believe my eyes when watching the news. Everyday there is something new to say, something new to be added from what was said the day before, and something to predict for what will happen tomorrow.

As much as I dislike some of the events unfolding before my own eyes in my own lifetime, I can’t help but get a little excited waking up every morning, because as many hard and challenging things the world has to face right now, there are just as many wonderful and good ones to learn about today too.

Today I have to be thankful that I lived and breathed, not regretting that I missed the one day nothing happened in the world. We live in an era of great change and grand events. I simply invite and challenge you, dear reader, to join me in my endeavor to be present in the moment. Sadly we will never experience the day there was no news. Instead, we have the opportunity to live the day that something actually happened. That is today and right now. The day there was something worth mentioning.