Fall Play-Noises Off

Cover of the Noises Off program designed by Lily Timmons.

Cover of the “Noises Off” program designed by Lily Timmons.

As the final curtain of “Noises Off” was dragged to the stage in the final scene on the night of Saturday, Nov. 8, the house was full of laughing audience members and a cast and crew was left to take down one of the biggest sets in the history of Arapahoe theatre.

The construction chiefs, Benjamin Raymond, 12, and Austin Siders, 12, took charge of 15 people to make it happen. “There were lots of hard-working freshmen who made it happen. They’re really going to be good in the future of Arapahoe technical theatre,” Raymond said.

Two hilarious casts took the stage, the “Doors cast” on Thursday night and Saturday night, and the “Sardines cast” on Friday night and Saturday afternoon. They each brought fresh and unique moments to the script.  Directed by Ian Ahern and the student director, Paitra Babb, 12, it was a new experience having a double cast and getting both prepared for their performances.

“It was extremely hard and stressful having to cast but I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I learned so much about myself as a person and as an actor,” Babb said.