Dumb and Dumber To: Worse than first, but still worth seeing


Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne are back after twenty years! The sequel to “Dumb and Dumber” hit theaters on November 13 starring Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniel. In the movie, Harry discovers that he has fathered a daughter years ago, and seeks Lloyd’s help in finding her. On the way, the friends find themselves dealing with many crazy obstacles that involve fireworks, hearing aids, and practical jokes.

Going into the theater my expectations were not high, a sequel never lives up to the original movie. That being said, “Dumb and Dumber to” was not as good as the first one in my opinion. But as a fan of the first movie, I still enjoyed the movie. The synopsis was different and is a fresh adventure for Lloyd and Harry. Although “Mary Samsonite” was absent in the sequel, the plotline was still full of colorful characters. Rob Riggle’s character Travis added a dynamic to the duo and had some funny scenes. The directors also brought back the character Billy, the blind boy from the original, and it was fun seeing him twenty years later with a crazy obsession with birds. Also, SPOILER ALERT: Mamma June from Honey Boo Boo makes a cameo appearance as Harry’s wife, just take a few minutes and let that soak in. For being a sequel, “Dumb and Dumber to” had a solid story behind it. Unlike “Anchorman 2”, there is a decent plot and it’s not overshadowed by cameos. No offense to you “Anchorman 2” fans, but you know it’s true.

“Dumb and Dumber to” was a good movie, but there were some drawbacks. One thing I missed in this movie was the “sheepdog wagon.” Harry and Lloyd spent most of the movie driving in a funeral home hurst. It was funny but it didn’t seem to fit the idiotic duo. Also the movie was more raunchy than the first one, and it was a little unexpected. Students beware of that before your bring your younger siblings. It’s also hard not going into the movie expecting to see a carbon copy of the first one.

In my opinion, the 1994 movie will always be funnier. “Dumb and Dumber to” is a good movie to see if you’re looking for a great laugh! But I urge everybody to see the first movie on Netflix before you see this one. You will instantly become a fan of Lloyd and Harry. The sequel was a great send off for the characters and I enjoyed watching it. In the words of Lloyd Christmas, “I like it a alot.”