The Short Game: Sports U


Mike Carlson, Spear Contributor

May 1, 2015. For the everyman, it’s just a random date amongst the other 394 days. It signals the beginning of May and marks the start of the countdown to summer vacation. However, for many high school seniors, May 1st doesn’t carry the same blissful connotation.

But, why you ask?

Because the beginning of May is National College Decision Day.

In anticipation of the big day, students across the nation are now asking themselves the important questions of higher education like do I want good football or good basketball? SEC, PAC 12, or ACC? Dome or open-air stadium? Will I look better in orange or green?

As well as other less important questions like affordability, proximity to home, and campus safety.

Luckily, like your mom and dad, The Short Game is here to make the decision for you I mean help with your current college situation.

So, before choosing an institution, don’t forget to acknowledge these important factors.

Will the football program be facing crippling sanctions in the near future?

There is no better way to waste the best four years of your life than at a school with a football team which has just become the whipping boy of the NCAA. First semester isn’t even worth it unless your collegiate squad gets to participate in some sort of bowl game. You may as well not even go to classes at that point. Plus, what are you going to do now with all of that school-colored face paint and replica national championship trophy you bought? Well, at least you will a really nice looking paper weight.

Will the basketball coach be leaving in less than four years?

Unless you are a perpetual basketball powerhouse like the Syracuse Orange, a coach near his departure is the kiss of death. The new coach will, of course, take time to get used to his new diggs and, more than likely, make some coaching decisions that will make you wonder if they just hired the campus’ top intramural coach. It will also mean copious amounts of rebuilding, lots of patients, and Marches filled with NIT anxiety. Anyone up for a NIT bracket pool?

How is the “Abercrombie Sports” landscape?

First of all, “Abercrombie Sports” are your lacrosses, field hockey’s, and rugby’s of the world. Basically, if you can walk into your local Abercrombie and find these sports’ respective logos then you have an Abercrombie sport on your hands. Who knew Abercrombie had such great teams? And while these “non-revenue sports” aren’t an essential component, they make great show for a spring afternoon. They also provide a some-what viable excuse as to why you didn’t study for that English 101 midterm.

How is the halftime entertainment?

It’s common knowledge that a solid marching band can be the bow on the college football experience. Whether it is dotting the “i” at Ohio State or the sheer madness of the Stanford pep band, a group which can actually spell out the name of the university or play something other than the fight song cannot be overlooked.

How are the uniforms?

The saying goes: look good, study better, right? Though, please air on the more conservative end of 64 different uniform combinations. After all, jerseys do cost money.

So, whatever lies ahead, whether that be season-smashing upsets or Marches without madness, here’s to hoping that everyone finds the right team come the first of May.