Arapahoe Herald, a Pacemaker finalist once again

Mackenzie Callahan, Web and Social Media Manager

Another summer has landed in the books and the start of a new school year has just begun, but it is a different story for the National Scholastic Press Association. They are marveling in last year’s student media and picking out the best from across the entire country. From those pickings, the Arapahoe Herald has landed as the only Colorado high school newspaper in the running towards the end result of a Pacemaker Award.

The Arapahoe Herald is a two-time Pacemaker winner and for the past two years has been a Pacemaker finalist. An award only honorable to the staffs that created the papers.

Maddie Dorman, the Editor and Chief of the Arapahoe Herald for the duration of the 2014-2015 school year said this:

“I am over the moon! It is wonderful to see how all of our incredibly hard work and the hours put into each paper has paid off. I am also so very proud of last year’s entire staff, because they are who made our paper a Pacemaker finalist.”

With an incredibly talented new staff, every person with different capabilities for succession, the Herald is proud to announce their transition from a tabloid newspaper to a magazine. In the light of the Pacemaker nomination as well as the transition, Lindsey Archipley, the Editor and Chief for the entire duration of the 2015-2016 school year said this:

“I am really excited about the future of the Herald! Because we have been a Pacemaker finalist two years in a row, I really have high expectations for our staff. I know how much we are capable of. Even though this is our first time producing a magazine and there is bound to be a lot of trial and error, I know that it is going to be really impressive. I expect it to be a very clean, professional magazine with a lot more content that our audience is truly interested in. It is a high goal, but it would be so amazing for us to not just be a finalist but actually win a Pacemaker with our magazine. ”

Every single hour of hard work the staff put into the paper last year paid off. This year’s staff is incredibly excited to showcase their talents and capabilities to produce a stellar magazine.