Boys Soccer – Team Captain Bios

Eric Thorson and Avery Griggs

How did you get into soccer?

James Conley: I started playing soccer because my sister played, once I started I never     stopped.

Max Gueller: I started playing because it looked fun.    

Sam Norman: It sounded fun.

Wilmer Ramirez: My dad was a really good player in his day and it’s such a beautiful sport played around the world.


How long have you been playing soccer?

James: 6 years.

Max: 12 years.

Sam: 11 years.

Wilmer: 6 years.


What are your goals for the year as a captain?

James: Have a great season and go as far as we can.

Max: I’d like to have a winning season and be a good leader.

Sam: Win state

Wilmer: I want our team to make it further than the previous teams have and maybe even state, which I think we could get to.


Xbox or Playstation?

James: Xbox

Max: Xbox

Sam: Playstation

Wilmer: Xbox


Chipotle or Qdoba?

James: Qdoba

Max: Qdoba

Sam: Chipotle

Wilmer: Chipotle