Top 10 movies to see this year

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Zak DeBaggis, Spear Contributor

Every year we are given a new plate of films to watch, and as always you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. Here are the top 10 movies to see this year.


  1. “Ex Machina”- R

A sci-fi and mystery film Ex Machina is easily one of the best movies of this year. It features outstanding visual effects and CGI. A CEO of a company creates a Artificial Intelligence machine that looks and acts like a human. The trailer shows off how the Artificial Intelligence is trying to tell the protagonist (a coder) not to trust the CEO, and that begins the mystery of the movie.


  1. “The Martian”- PG-13

Starring Matt Damon, A man is trapped on mars and thought to be dead. He must learn to survive on a planet that doesn’t supply him with what he needs. With very little time he needs to learn how to survive until he can be rescued. NASA scientists and his team try whatever they can to try and get him home. Without a doubt a movie about overcoming the odds and could be really inspiring. Matt Damon usually does a great job playing in dramatic movies. This movie could possibly restore your faith in humanity.


  1. “Spy”- R

If you enjoy a hilarious comedy movie, especially with Melissa McCarthy this is definitely worth the watch. Be warned there is an R rated version and an unrated version. You’ve been warned. The movie brings in all types of comedy while keeping an interesting storyline of a desk jockey turned into a spy. If you are not easily offended, then this movie is a great laugh.


  1. “Furious 7”- PG-13

Directed by James Wan, “Furious 7” delivers an explosive and intense thrill movie. The seventh installment in the series brings back the theme of ‘family’. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker and the rest of the crew return facing a new threat. The movie constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat and makes you think ‘did that really just happen?’ Furious 7 is without a doubt a thrill ride and an exciting adventure.


  1. “Mad Max: Fury Road”- R

A reboot of the series director George Miller returns to bring back the franchise that many loved in the 80’s. With a new lead playing Max Rockatansky, Tom Hardy, a whole new story is unleashed. Max after being caught by Immortan Joe’s followers, he finds himself allying himself with Imperator Furiosa, he must face new dangers while trying to escape. It displays insane action that will keep you guessing what could happen next, Mad Max: Fury Road shows off how to be a great action movie.


  1. “Inside Out”- PG

Pixar returns to the big screen and brings a fun and heartfelt movie for all to enjoy. This movie features a great cast of voice actors and a movie that is exciting for the kids. Pixar has always had something special about their movies and that trend continues in Inside Out. The movie is also worth watching, because although it is an exciting movie, and also makes you think about an interesting idea; if tiny people are really your emotions in your head. This movie is perfect for all families to see and brings a great visual adventure.


  1. “Ant-Man”- PG-13

Another Marvel movie, but with Paul Rudd as a new on-screen superhero. “Ant-Man”, a key superhero in Stan Lee’s Marvel comics makes his debut on the big screen. A similar approach to some of the other Marvel cinematics with a rise of a new hero, but with a twist by using some comedy. Once again the hero is tasked to face off against a villain. The hero must find who he is in the world and his purpose. If you’re wanting to watch a funny movie with some great action and visual effects, then this movie won’t disappoint.


  1. “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation”- PG-13

The fifth movie in the series Tom Cruise reprises his role as Ethan Hunt. This movie helps the series regain its energy and momentum in being a successful franchise. Not to mention some of the stunts done in this movie by Tom Cruise are completely off the charts. One stunt in particular that was shown in trailer (don’t worry about spoilers) shows Tom Cruise was hanging off the side of a plane. This really proves how dedicated the actors are and it makes for a great performance.


  1. “Spectre”-PG-13

Possibly his last time playing the role of James Bond, actor Daniel Craig returns as James Bond. Similarly to “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” a new evil organization has risen called SPECTRE (hence the title). This time Bond seeks the help of an old foe to combat SPECTRE. This movie places above “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation” simply because of the great legacy of the legendary hero and spy James Bond.


  1. “Star Wars: Episode 7 The Force Awakens”- Not yet rated

Without a doubt the most anticipated movie of the year, Director J.J Abrams (director of “Star Trek”) attempts to bring back the Star Wars series to its best. After a disappointing prequel trilogy, hopes are high for this new saga to be great. Very little has been revealed about the film other than the cast (some of the original cast is returning) and the two trailers. The trailers definitely hype up the crowd and shows great potential to renew the series to attain platinum status.