Tylerann Cairns- Senior Volleyball Profile

Tylerann Cairns- Senior Volleyball Profile

Becca Garner and Kelly Smith, Spear Contributor

Name: Tylerann Cairns

Nickname: TA

Grade: 12th

Position: Outside

Number: 13

Q: How many years you have played volleyball and what teams and include middle school if you did?

A: I have been playing volleyball for 6 years including middle school. I have been on varsity for 2 years of high school, and 2 years of middle school.

Q: Favorite team/rival and why?

Cherry Creek because they are always good competition.

Q: Advice to younger players?

A: My advice to younger players would be to work hard and to set goals, for themselves.

Q: Favorite quote/bible verse?

A: If you’re not first you’re last.

Q: 3 favorite things (candy, color, state, etc)?

A: Milky Way, Colorado, and my favorite color is blue.

Q: Why should people come out to watch the team?

A: People should come out and watch us because we are going to be a strong team this year. And the fans can cheer us to state because that’s where we are headed.