Chrissy Perkins- Senior Volleyball Profiles

Chrissy Perkins- Senior Volleyball Profiles

Becca Garner and Kelly Smith, Spear Contributor

Name: Chrissy Perkins

Nickname: Chris Kringle

Grade: 12th

Position: Middle

Number: 8

Q: How many years you have played volleyball and what teams and include middle school if you did?

A: Seven years total of volleyball. I played at Powell Middle School in 6th and 8th grade. I also have played for four different club teams including; South Metro, No Limits, 5280, and 303. This is my third year playing at Arapahoe. Started off on the Sophomore team and worked her way up to JV and now Varsity.

Q: Who is your favorite team/rival and why:

A: My favorite rival would be Heritage High School because the crowed is always huge for both schools and the energy makes that game all the more fun. Plus we carry brooms at school when we have a clean sweep over them.

Q: Who is your favorite pro player or someone you look up to and why?

A: Kerri Walsh is my favorite pro player because she is so passionate about volleyball after all these years. She still works hard every times she plays.

Q: Do you have any advice to younger players?

A: My advice would be to never ever give up! I got cut my freshman year and I am so thankful that I worked hard and tried again. Always play with passion and remembered why you started.

Q: Favorite quote/bible verse?

A: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you can’t do.

Q: Three favorites things:

A: I love sour patch watermelon, Grey’s Anatomy, and blasting music with all the windows down.

Q: Why should people come out to watch the team?

A: People should come out because our team this year is really close and we all want the same thing, STATE! We are pumped to play and the crowd is a huge part of that.