Top 4 Horror Movies That Actually Are…Horrible

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Maddie Egerton, Contributor

Everyone loves a good horror flick. Nail-biting tension, armrest-gripping scares and anxious popcorn-eating. All the effects in a well-made horror movie are what encourages people to keep coming back for more. These films, however, are not that. In some cases, horror movies actually pan out to be more of a comedy than anything. This might deem it a good movie, but ultimately it is not what a person looks for when headed to the theater to check out the newest thriller.

At the bottom of the list is sequels. Insidious: Chapters 2 and 3, Paranormal Activity 2-4, The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, any Exorcist sequel or remake and Friday the 13th parts 2-9. Each one being a useless addition to the first movie and trying to outdo it. Essentially, horror movie sequels should not be their own branch of film industry.

Next up, Killer Klowns From Outer Space. Despite being a cult classic, watching this movie is downright laughable. The expectation when seeing this film is to be petrified and furthermore deterred from ever going to the circus again. From bad acting to even worse effects and costume, this classic is a straight up flop, but that does not mean that the audience will not have more than a few good laughs while watching it.

Next runner up goes to Poltergeist. Obviously not the original eighties flick, but the latest remake of the classic. There is no innovation in the revamped version and it ends up being too similar to the original. Using the same premise and simply revising old characters, this Poltergeist is nothing but predictable. While it is still chilling at some moments, and manages to demonstrate a haunting ghost story without being cheesy and cliche, that does not make up for the poor direction this anticipated remake took in plot. The concept of a poor family having to make changes due to income is not only overstated, but the family enduring each horror induced incident, one after the other becomes more tedious and monotonous as the film draws to an end. Your time watching Poltergeist is a waste.

Last but not least, topping the list, Ouija. Although providing an eerie trailer and ramping people up for the movie, the film is an utter disappointment. Whenever a trailer comes out that looks to be amazing and then the movie is ultimately horrendous, the feature ends up being more dislikable, and that is exactly what Ouija did. There are plenty of scares, but nothing that makes someone scared to turn off the lights or leaves a lasting impression. From the unoriginal scenes and plot, to the bad costumes and mediocre acting, Ouija is one movie to avoid at all costs. Attractive teens messing around one late night, going through different supernatural scenarios and (Spoiler alert!) eventually all of them “dying” adds up to be just another boring, assembly line movie.

When entering a theater to watch a horror movie, the audience expects nothing but to go home, shaking in their skin and feeling as if they are being watched. If you are looking for that experience, go ahead and skip these films.