Diary of a Freshman Week 7

October 2, 2015

The only part about this week I can really remember is how I could never remember what day it was. On Monday I thought it was Wednesday, Tuesday was Thursday, Wednesday was  Monday, Thursday was Thursday, and Friday was Tuesday.

The football game on Friday was a rivalry game. Heritage vs Arapahoe and Arapahoe won! We are undefeated in football and even though I didn’t understand what was happening half of the time, it was fun. The crowd was crazy though. It was so crowded in the student center that the stairs leading down to the football field were gone.

People are getting ready for Homecoming Week. The days are:

  • Mathlete Monday
  • Comic-con Tuesday
  • Wacky Tacky Wednesday
  • Trick or Treat Thursday
  • Spirit Day Friday

I’ll probably dress up for Comic-con, Wacky Tacky, Trick or Treat, and Spirit Day, but it depends on my mood. The only reason I don’t want to dress up for Mathlete day is because it’s on a Monday and I’m to lazy to dress up into a stereotypical outfit with suspenders, broken glasses, button up long sleeve, and tuck the button-up into a skirt with long socks. It’s not happening.

I also can’t wait for next week because of the bonfire and Homecoming dance. This dance will be the first time I’ve worn a dress and makeup and actually did my hair in around 2 years. The bonfire will be cool too. The pictures I’ve seen look pretty rad.


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