Diary of a Freshman Week 9

October 16, 2015

This week was… well short. We only had to attend school 3 days out of 5 and Wednesday didn’t start until 11:20am. So, since there was no school Thursday or Friday, I slept, like a lot.

I also went to my friends house. She did my hair and nails, but they were ruined the next day. She also told me a bunch of stories about how their house and he dad’s house is haunted.

Then I went to the Fright Fest at Elitches with my step dad and siblings. It was pretty cool but the haunted houses were kind of lame and my younger siblings, six and seven years old, didn’t go on a lot of the rides.

Even though Halloween is still awhile away, my family is already talking about costumes and decorations and trick-or-treating plans and the party my dad and stepmom throw every year.

Can’t wait!


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