College Football Playoff – Final Ranking Opinions

College Football Playoff - Final Ranking Opinions

Noah Curd, Spear Contributor

After all the debate, conversations and disagreements, it is all over. The final rankings of the College Football Playoff have been announced. Although some people may not agree with the placement of the top four teams, there is no doubt that these teams should be at the top. All the teams won their conference outright. Number one: Clemson, number two: Alabama, number three: Michigan State and at number four: Oklahoma.

Clemson (ACC champions) started and ended at number one. Deshaun Watson the quarterback carried this team down the stretch. Watson has earned a chance at the Heisman Trophy with his impressive season. Clemson’s most impressive win was a against number eight Notre Dame who only lost two games all season. The Tigers also had a great and crucial win in the ACC championship game against underrated North Carolina, who only had one loss going into the championship. The Clemson Tigers ended their season undefeated which earned them the number one team in the country.

Alabama (SEC champions) ended up at number two. Running back Derrick Henry is the frontrunner for the Heisman trophy, as he set an SEC single season rushing record, passing the legendary Herschel Walker with 1,986 rushing yards. The only reason Alabama is at number two is because of their stunning loss to Ole MIss. The Alabama Crimson Tide are going to “roll” on into the playoffs, trying to get to their first College Football Playoff Championship Game after their second year in the semifinals.

Michigan State (Big 10 champions) came in at number three. Michigan State hopped over Oklahoma with their big win over then-undefeated Iowa. Although they beat an undefeated Iowa in the Championship game, the most impressive win for Michigan State was against Ohio State. That game was won without their starting quarterback Connor Cook. The Spartans will have a big task in facing the very good Crimson Tide led by Derrick Henry, but their defense seems up to the challenge of stopping a good running back. They were able to contain Ezekiel Elliott when they played Ohio State. If Michigan State can contain Alabama’s running game, then they have a good chance of winning the Cotton Bowl semifinal.

Last but not least, Oklahoma (Big 12 champions) drops in at number four. They were the only Big 12 champion this year as the year before there was a tie for the best of the Big 12. Oklahoma was impressive by being able to win out in their back-loaded schedule. They played three top 20 teams in a row. Baker Mayfield, their quarterback, has played out of his mind the last half of the season, and they had two big road wins. One was against Baylor and the other against Oklahoma State which won Oklahoma the Big 12 title. The Sooners will have to contain Deshaun Watson and go up against a strong Clemson defense to make it past the Orange Bowl semifinal and play for the National Championship.

The two teams left out were Stanford and Iowa. These two teams will meet in the iconic Rose Bowl. Both these teams had great seasons, Iowa with one loss and Stanford with two. If Iowa wants to win, then they have to stop Heisman candidate Christian McCaffrey as he set a college football record for most total yards. Not only can McCaffrey run the ball, he can even pass it. He might be the most dynamic player in college football.

With the final rankings out, now we can all relax and watch some great playoff games on New Year’s Eve. Clemson vs. Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl, and Alabama vs. Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl. Who will prove they are number one?