Arapahoe Prevails against Overland


Noah Curd

Arapahoe Lady Hoops won their seventh game of the season beating Overland 56-43, after Arapahoe pulled away in the fourth quarter. Now the Warriors are tied for second in the Centennial league with Cherry Creek.

Both teams got off to a slow start with Arapahoe only scoring eight points in the first quarter and Overland scoring only nine points. The half ended with Arapahoe leading by a slim lead of 20-18. In the second half, Overland came out strong scoring 17 points in the third quarter. Arapahoe also came out strong in the third quarter and held their lead, scoring 16 points in the third quarter. Arapahoe went into the final quarter leading by only one point, 36-35. Arapahoe pulled away in the fourth quarter scoring 20 points, and their defense held up strong, holding the Trailblazers to only eight points in the final quarter to win 56-43.

Hopefully the Arapahoe Warriors Lady Hoops team can build on this strong performance as they come into a full week playing Palmer High School, Smoky Hill, and their very important Cherry Creek game at home on the 22nd. Given that Arapahoe and Cherry Creek teams are currently tied in the Centennial League standings, there is a lot riding on this match-up. The winner of this game will be closer to catching Granview, who sits at the top of the division.