Poor Ben Carson

Zak DeBaggis, Writer

Ben Carson

Poor Ben Carson


The February 25 GOP debate was one to remember for a long time. The reason being for that is pure chaos ensued for most of the debate. To put  this in perspective, Rubio had a good night, Cruz had an alright night, Trump had an okay night, Carson not a great night due to lack of questions and attacks on him, and don’t forget Kasich who arguably had the best night, but that won’t be remembered due to the insanity. It’s a guarantee that the highlights of the debate will consist of attacks and arguing that was inaudible for the most part. Wolf Blitzer wasn’t able to keep the presidential candidates in check (especially when it was between Trump, Cruz, and Rubio.)


Marco Rubio came out almost as a different person, and seemed to use Trump’s own game to his advantage. At one point Trump said to Rubio, “I heard this guy repeat himself five times two weeks ago!” and which Rubio responded by saying how Donald Trump repeated himself five seconds ago and how he repeats himself every debate. Rubio proceeded to attack Trump about repeating how he says, “We’ll make America great again, I’ll win in the polls, I’m a businessman, etc.” This isn’t normal seeing Rubio retort like this, but this debate may gain Rubio more momentum.


Governor Kasich, who brought up many valid points and didn’t attack the other candidates as much as the others, will probably be forgotten about at this debate. When Kasich was asked about the issues between Apple and the government regarding the San Bernardino shooter’s phone, he didn’t mention the other candidates and instead talked about what he would to resolve the issue as President. He did criticize President Obama for not taking leadership to come to a solution. He said, “The problem is not right now between the administration and Apple. You know what the problem is? Where has the President been? You sit down in a back room with the parties and work this out.” This should gain him support from the Republican party.


The final two candidates, Ben Carson and Ted Cruz, didn’t have nights that they had planned. It seemed that Cruz underperformed and didn’t really appeal to the audience or the viewers last night. His biggest moments were he had joined Rubio against Donald Trump and jabbing at him for his reality TV show success won’t help in Washington.

Then poor Ben Carson, the guy can’t seem to catch up with the other candidates. He’s been criticized for “whining” when he isn’t given time or a chance to respond to a question. Carson barely spoke at all and wasn’t even asked about some questions, after all candidates were told they would be treated fairly. During one of the times where Trump, Cruz, and Rubio were arguing inaudible things, Ben Carson said, “Can somebody attack me, please?” Things aren’t looking good for Ben Carson right now.


The next date for primaries will be March 1st and for those unfamiliar this is known as Super Tuesday, a day where multiple states will hold primary elections.