Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2 Review

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Zak DeBaggis and Jack Adamson

WOW! What a nice surprise from Marvel to drop the final Captain America: Civil War trailer. I was smiling ear to ear for the entire trailer and felt the need to see this movie immediately. Sadly the movie won’t release until May 6, but it looks like such a great start to Marvel’s phase three of their movies. Captain America, was one of Marvel’s first movies to open up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Now to see the final Captain America movie is actually happening, and looks so epic, brings back some nostalgia. That nostalgia is even addressed in a trailer when Iron Man says, “Stay down. Final warning,” and a bloodied Cap says, “I can do this all day.” He said that exact line in the first movie when he was getting beaten in the alley by the bully.

The trailer was action packed, but was also was a bit of a rehash from the previous trailer. There were some extended scenes from the previous trailer. One where we got to see the Black Panther chasing after The Winter Soldier catch up to his moving motorcycle and pop his back wheel, as they both roll on the ground. We finally got to see all of the heroes finally square off, including those like Ant-Man, War Machine, The Vision, Scarlet Witch, and perhaps the biggest surprise Spider-Man. Those who had been following Civil War news had an idea or heard rumors that the web-slinger would make his entrance into the MCU, but it shocked everyone who didn’t know he would be making his entrance. The new actor for Spider-Man is Tom Holland, he’ll be playing a young 15 year old Peter Parker in the MCU. With the addition of Spider-Man in the MCU, there are a whole new list of possibilities for villains now that Spidey’s enemies are now in the MCU.

Phase three will official begin on May 6 with the release of Captain America: Civil War.