Boo’s Clues: Paxton for President


Reid Conant, Columnist

It’s finally football season and what better time than to start talking about the Denver Broncos. As the defending champs the Broncos are in a very odd situation as abides to their quarterback position. Most defending NFL champs don’t have this issue. I think that one of the QBs can lead us to Houston, Texas on February 5, 2017 for SuperBowl 51.

Trevor Siemian has shocked the world and frankly has even surprised the Broncos. The second year pro from Northwestern has won the job from veteran Mark Sanchez. As a 7th (last) round draft pick in 2015 John Elway certainly must have seen some potential to use a late round pick on an unproven quarterback. The growth that Siemian has shown has been a pleasant surprise and I bet even John Elway didn’t see this coming.

Some might say that Siemian didn’t win the job, Sanchez lost it because of the 2 turnovers (both fumbles) in the second preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers. I do see that as a legitimate reason to why Siemian has become the starter for the Denver Broncos but I also think that Siemian is more steady. All his performances have been quiet and proficient with one or two mistakes. With a little bit more experience the mistakes will dwindle and his quiet confidence will help improve each day. Siemian is just temporary however because the QB that has looked the best during the preseason this year has been Rookie Paxton Lynch out of Memphis.

His 6’7” frame reminds me of Brock Osweiler a little bit but don’t worry his talent exceeds Brock Osweiler’s by a lot. Paxton is a perfect fit in Head Coach Gary Kubiak’s offense because of one thing you can’t coach. ATHLETICISM. The dude is flat out athletic and can make plays with his feet as well as his arm. Over time he will learn the offense and how defenses will play against him. As soon as he becomes more mature and fully understands the offense, I believe the Denver Broncos have a bright future which includes the best defense in the league matched with a talented QB with tons of explosive options. Paxton has showed lots of fire and emotion every time he throws a touchdown pass. That is something that I look for from a QB, he has the fire instilled in him to become great. Broncos fans you better hope Paxton is a quick learner because he can lead this team to a SuperBowl victory in the near near future. I hope that Kubiak gives him a chance if things aren’t going well early on in the season. Trevor Siemian is just the temporary guy that will help the Broncos win but come playoff time I fully expect Paxton Lynch to be behind center leading the offense down the field with poise and precision… Oh and just a little bit of athleticism. The future is bright orange for this team, but as fans everyone has to be patient because by November 8, Paxton will be our President here in Denver.