Crosstown Battle for the Milk Jug

History of the Arapahoe vs. Heritage Rivalry

Crosstown Battle for the Milk Jug

Turner Pruitt, SPEAR Reporter

With the much anticipated football game between the Arapahoe Warriors and the Heritage Eagles being just days away, let’s reflect on this passionate crosstown rivalry. This annual battle is much more than just a game for not only the players and coaches, but the students and staff as well. The prideful winner of this game each year gets to keep the praised “Milk Jug” as a token of their victory. In 2015, the Warriors beat the Eagles by a score of 34-21, earning them the beloved Milk Jug until the next year’s game, which happens to be kicking off on Friday.

Arapahoe and Heritage have been competing against each other since 1972, however, the Milk Jug trophy which intensifies the rivalry was not created until 1996. The more formal name of the award is the Brookridge Trophy, which originated from the Brookridge Dairy Farm and acknowledges all that the farm did for the growth of Littleton from 1925-1948. Over the last eleven games between the Warriors and the Eagles, Arapahoe has won nine of them, and looks to add on to that total by holding on to the Milk Jug after Friday’s game.

Rumor has it, Heritage put together a derogatory and controversial scouting report on their opponent this week, which happens to be us, the Arapahoe Warriors. In this scouting report, an array of Arapahoe players were criticized and belittled, and were portrayed much worse than they actually are. Whether this was a ploy from the Heritage coaches to motivate their players or simply an emotional mistake after their devastating loss last year, it certainly isn’t appreciated by us Warrior fans, and I’m sure the AHS players weren’t fond of it either. Hopefully, this gives the Warriors something more to play for and gives us a little extra fire in the game on Friday. Certainly seems like a risky move on Heritage’s part to rip on the team that currently has possession of the Milk Jug… but I suppose we will have to see what happens on game day.