Audacious Predictions for the 2016-2017 NFL Season

Nathan Holmes, Author

The new NFL season comes with many hardly changed teams, like the Chargers, who have the same QB, RB, most of the same WR’s and TE’s, and others. And then there’s the Rams; not only with new players, but also in a new location. Hence, the year will be different, and we must make our predictions for the year. Here goes:

  1. Paxton Lynch takes Trevor Siemian’s starting role by week 4: Siemian has been unsteady over the course of the preseason, throwing 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, and 2 interceptions and 1 touchdown to C.J. Anderson in week 1. Lynch, however, threw 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions (During the preseason), which is double the touchdowns.
  2. Houston will go 6-10 under Osweiler: I don’t know how you feel about Brock, with him leaving and all, but he is way over ranked. He threw 10 TD’s and 6 INT’s during his 5 game stunt with the Broncos. Not bad, but definitely not worth 72 million dollars.
  3. The Tennessee Titans will win their division, lose in the playoffs: The Titans team is stacked. Marcus Mariota, a quarterback who did quite well last year considering his wide receivers, DeMarco Murray, an outstanding running back, with Derrick Henry, Delanie Walker, Harry Douglas, Andre Johnson, and others. No doubt they can beat the Texans, Colts, and Jaguars.
  4. Raiders will make wild card playoffs, lose right away: Raiders have Derek Carr, Amari Cooper, Andre Holmes, Latavias Murray and others. A lot of overlooked players, but they are steady, good players.
  5. The Jets will be the other wildcard: The Jets recently acquired Matt Forte, who should boost their lacking running game. Their passing, however, is stacked with great WR’s like Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker.
  6. Washington Redskins make NFC championship round: The Redskins are like the Raiders, overlooked but well stacked. They will easily win their division, but the Cardinals are too good to lose before the Super Bowl.
  7. The Super Bowl; Arizona Cardinals vs. Cincinnati Bengals: The Cardinals are unstoppable. Carson Palmer has done very well, and David Johnson is poised to do very well at the RB position. The Bengals have a great team, but haven’t won a playoff game since 1990. This seems like a stretch, but once they win one, they will win many.

Playoff Bracket:

Wild Card Round:

AFC: 1. Bengals 2. Patriots 3. Broncos 4. Titans 5. Raiders 6. Browns

NFC: 1. Panthers 2. Cardinals 3. Packers 4. Redskins 5. Seahawks 6. Vikings

Divisional Round:

AFC: 1. Bengals vs. 4. Titans, 2. Patriots vs. 3. Broncos

NFC: 1. Panthers vs. 4. Redskins, 2. Cardinals vs. 3. Packers

Championship Round:

AFC: 1. Bengals vs. 3. Broncos

NFC: 4. Redskins vs. 2. Cardinals

Super Bowl:

Bengals 21, Cardinals 27

There you have it. Please comment below about what your predictions are.