How Many Hit and Runs?


Rory J. O'Donnell, Herald Reporter

Last year, Arapahoe High School had 10 hit and runs occur in its parking lots. Assistant principal Brian Ceriani said most hit and runs happened in the “West Lot.” Ceriani also said there has already been at least one hit and run so far this year. 

If you commit a hit and run, then you are in trouble! It’s worse if you do not report it. If property is damaged belonging to the school or a person’s car, you are supposed to report the incident.

Every time a student commits a hit and run and does not report the incident, the student usually loses their privilege to park. A Herald staff member asked Ceriani if anyone has been caught. “Yes. Nearly every time” Ceriani said. Ceriani also said no one has been hurt from a hit and run.

Ceriani had a message to all students. “Practice backing up,” he said.  “Keep your head on a swivel.”  Stay safe.